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      Advanced Clinical Care

      The FemmeMD concierge medicine program provides members an integrative medicine approach to primary and gynecologic care, advanced health diagnostics and information gathering, and state-of-the-art medical cosmetics and physical transformation services.

      Functional Medicine

      Functional Medicine

      As a functional medicine physician, Dr. Hohn takes a holistic approach toward patient care and partners with patients to treat the underlying causes of disease and promotes wellness by addressing each individual patient’s biology, genetics and lifestyle factors that influence health. Dr. Hohn practices proactive, predictive, personalized medicine and encourages patients to take an active role in their own healthcare.

      FemmeMD patients receive a comprehensive, executive-style annual examination from Dr. Hohn and can schedule follow-up visits when needed throughout the year.

      Personalized Precision-Based Medicine

      Personalized Precision-Based Medicine

      Establishing an informed health status indicator baseline is needed to create an effective, proactive, and personalized health strategy plan designed to meet patients’ health and lifestyle goals. FemmeMD members receive an annual comprehensive laboratory diagnostics assessment, a hereditary cancer risk assessment and genetic testing (if needed), and a pharmacogenetic assessment.

      Comprehensive Health Indicator Diagnostics

      Each year, every FemmeMD member undergo a comprehensive, personal health laboratory panel using the latest, most advanced diagnostic technology. Members will receive a personalized report that summarizes the member’s health diagnostic results.

      Cancer Risk Assessment and Genetic Testing

      SLWHG advocates that every patient have a cancer risk assessment performed every year to identify patients who are at increased risk for inherited cancers.

      New FemmeMD members will undergo a cancer risk assessment. If patients meet criteria for genetic testing, they will be offered genetic testing to identify genetic mutations that put patients at high risk for developing an inherited cancer. Increased health surveillance, risk-reducing medications, and/or risk-reducing procedures may be recommended if patients are at increased genetic or family risk for inherited cancers. Every subsequent year, members will update their assessment with any new family health history.

      Cancer risk assessments are typically not covered by health insurance plans; however, the associated genetic testing (if needed) is typically covered by most health insurance plans and are not included in the FemmeMD membership fee. Patients’ health insurance plans are typically billed directly by the utilized genetic testing company.

      Pharmacogenetic Testing

      Every FemmeMD member undergoes pharmacogenetic testing to reveal any potential genetic-based drug-drug interaction issues and to identify medication effectiveness based on known genomic indicators.

      If pharmacogenetic testing is not covered by a patient’s health insurance plan, the cost of the pharmacogenetic test will be included as part of the member’s FemmeMD membership fee.

      Medical Spa

      Medical Spa

      SLWHG offers patients’ in-house state-of-the-art medical spa services that have proven medical efficacy to enhance individuals’ physical appearance. The FemmeMD program includes membership in the SLWHG Elite Med Spa package (retail value of $1,188 per year). This includes one complementary treatment per month of one of four med spa treatments: hydrodermabrasion, glyderms glycolic peel, intense pulsed light treatment (Face, neck, décolletage or hands), or a signature facial as well as a discount of 20% off any additional Medical Spa and retail products.

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