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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is concierge medicine?

      Concierge Medicine is an approach to patient care where providers significantly reduce the amount of patients in their practice and increase the level of preventive and wellness health services provided to patients. In exchange for an enhanced provider relationship and additional health services, concierge medicine practices collect a regular membership fee from patients, separate from the patients’ personal health insurance coverage.

      How is FemmeMD different than a traditional primary care or OB/GYN practice?

      The SLWHG FemmeMD program is a comprehensive primary care and gynecologic concierge medicine program designed exclusively for women in the St. Louis metro area. The first-of-its-kind program offers women advance medical, clinical and wellness care, an enhanced level of communication with their physicians, and additional healthcare convenience not typically offered in traditional primary care or OB/GYN practices.

      When I have a medical or health issue, how and when will I be able to reach my FemmeMD physician?

      FemmeMD members will have 24/7 on-demand communication access to the FemmeMD Care Team via a dedicated direct phone line. During office hours, FemmeMD members will have guaranteed same-day appointment availability prior to 2:00 PM. Patients contacting the practice after 2:00 PM are guaranteed next-day morning appointment availability; however, same-day accommodation will be prioritized when possible. FemmeMD physicians can also facilitate a virtual telemedicine session during and outside of office hours, when needed.

      Do I need to come to the FemmeMD office for a visit from one of the FemmeMD providers?

      Not necessarily. All in-person visits with FemmeMD physicians will be conducted at the St. Louis Women’s Healthcare Group’s office; however, FemmeMD patients are able to consult with the FemmeMD physicians remotely via a telehealth video conference in whatever location that is convenient to the member.

      Who does this membership plan work best for?

      The FemmeMD program is ideal for:

      • Women with chronic conditions that require close medical attention and an enhanced level of care coordination with specialists
      • Women with busy schedules that need flexible provider visit arrangements
      • Women at risk for certain medical conditions due to family history, aging, lifestyle choices, or environmental conditions, and who want more time their physicians to focus on prevention
      • Women with a heightened focus on their overall health, wellness, and wellbeing
      • Women who travel frequently and have the need to consult with their physician by phone, text, email or telemedicine video during and outside of regular office hours
      • Women who want a more comprehensive and personalized health care experience, healthcare tied to their needs and values, and/or a connected relationship with their physicians

      If I am away for part of the year or for extended periods of time, will the FemmeMD program still work for me?

      Yes. You will still benefit from the FemmeMD membership if you relocate for part of the year or travel extensively. You may communicate with your physician by phone, text, and email while you are away. You may also schedule telemedicine visits with the FemmeMD physicians to discuss your health and wellness, thereby receiving the benefits of remote monitoring. You will also have peace of mind knowing that the FemmeMD Care Team will oversee and coordinate your care while you are away. The FemmeMD Care Team can also help secure travel health insurance, if needed.

      Will I still benefit from a FemmeMD membership even if I do not expect to need frequent medical care?

      Yes. As a FemmeMD member, the FemmeMD Care Team will provide you with personalized care to help you achieve and maintain your wellness goals, including optimizing your health, identifying and preventing disease, and / or counteracting the effects of aging. You will also have the peace of mind knowing that your doctors will know you well and will be available to speak with you and see you when you need it.

      What happens if I need to see a specialist?

      For every specialist referral, the FemmeMD Care Team secures the specialist appointment and forwards all necessary medical records to the specialists’ care team ahead of the member’s appointment date. Additionally, the referring FemmeMD provider personally contacts the referred-to specialist ahead of the member’s appointment to communicate the medical justification for the referral and to articulate any patient-specific information that may impact the specialists’ medical evaluation and/or care treatment plans for the member

      As a FemmeMD member, what role will the FemmeMD Care Team play if I am admitted to the hospital?

      The FemmeMD Care Team recognizes that emergency room visits and hospital admissions can be a traumatic and confusing experience for patients. Comprehending medical diagnoses and making informed decisions regarding treatment plans can be difficult for patients and caregivers, especially when emotions and stress levels are strained. In order to help patients navigate the hospital setting and make informed decisions regarding their inpatient care, FemmeMD physicians can act as the member’s healthcare adviser and care-coordination liaison between the member and the hospital-based providers and care teams when a member is admitted a hospital or emergency room. This service may extend to courtesy visits.

      What hospitals are the FemmeMD physicians associated with?

      Dr. Muckerman, Dr. Hohn, and Dr. Ahlering are currently affiliated with the following hospitals:

      • Mercy Hospital St. Louis
      • St. Luke’s Hospital
      • Missouri Baptist Medical Center

      Can I apply my HSA or FSA funds to the FemmeMD membership fee?

      Potentially. Please seek guidance from a certified public accountant to determine the extent to which health saving accounts or flexible savings accounts can be applied to concierge medicine membership fee payments. FemmeMD members may not use their HSA or FSA debit cards to make FemmeMD membership fee payments. However, in many cases, patients may seek HSA/FSA reimbursement for the FemmeMD membership fee.

      What out of pocket fees can I expect to pay if I become a FemmeMD member

      FemmeMD members are required to pay a membership fee, which may be paid quarterly or annually via a credit or debit card. FemmeMD membership includes a higher-level of physician engagement and a broad set of advanced clinical care, preventive, wellness, and membership convenience services. Members will also need to pay for any products and services not covered by their health insurance plan or not included in FemmeMD program.

      Does FemmeMD bill my health insurance provider?

      Yes. If a FemmeMD member is enrolled in a health insurance plan accepted by St. Louis Women’s Healthcare Group, the member’s insurance provider will be billed for rendered services covered by the patient’s policy. This is required, by law.

      If I become a FemmeMD member, will I still need health insurance?

      Yes. You will need health insurance to pay for follow-up visits, specialist visits, lab work, diagnostic imaging, allied healthcare (e.g., physical therapy), emergency care, hospitalizations, and medications. The FemmeMD program does not, nor is it intended to, substitute the need for health insurance coverage.

      What is included in the FemmeMD membership fee?

      For a description of the FemmeMD program services, please visit the Services Overview page

      Is there a limit to the number of members who can join the FemmeMD program?

      Yes. The FemmeMD program is currently limited to the first 400 enrollees. This gives the FemmeMD Care Team time to get to know you, personally care for you, and communicate with you. It also allows us to offer longer appointment times and more same and next-day appointments.

      If the membership limit is met, can I join a waiting list to become a FemmeMD member?

      Yes, if the FemmeMD membership limit is met, please call the FemmeMD Concierge, Marybeth Dunn, at 636-449-4700 Ext. 3000 to request placement on our membership waitlist.

      How do I become a FemmeMD member?

      If you are interested in becoming a FemmeMD member, please call the FemmeMD Concierge, Marybeth Dunn, at 636-449-4700 Ext. 3000 or submit a request via the webform on our membership information page and we will reach out to setup an introductory consultation at your convenience.

      Where is SLWHG located?

      St. Louis Women’s Healthcare Group is located at 16216 Baxter Road, Suite #100, Chesterfield, MO 63017. Our office is on the first level and has a dedicated, covered entrance from the patient parking lot.

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