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      Patient-Physician Engagement

      By limiting the number of patients accepted in the FemmeMD program, The FemmeMD Care Team are able to spend more time with each patient and provide a level of medical care, direct provider communication, and care coordination services within and outside of the clinic setting that traditional provider practices cannot offer. The scope of expanded and enhanced provider engagement service offerings include:

      Comprehensive Annual Well-Woman Health Assessment

      Comprehensive Annual Well-Woman Health Physical Regardless of Medical Necessity

      FemmeMD members receive an annual comprehensive executive-style well-woman health assessment that includes:

      • Primary Care and Functional Medicine Physician Examination
      • Gynecologic Physician Examination
      • Expanded laboratory diagnostics package:
        • Advanced functional medicine laboratory diagnostics package
        • Pharmacogenetic testing (conducted during initial visit)
      • Hereditary cancer risk assessment and prevention program
      • Breast health assessment
      • Bone density assessment (per national guidelines)
      • Cardiac assessment
      • Personalized wellness and health strategy plan for following twelve months

      Member health diagnostics are performed ahead of the member’s scheduled annual well-woman health assessment. Before the member arrives for their appointment, the FemmeMD care team conducts a joint evaluation of each member’s diagnostic results and collaboratively produces a personalized initial diagnostics assessment report that summarizes members test results using easy-to-understand language.

      The diagnostic report and information gathered during the physicians’ health assessment examinations influences the member’s annual health strategy plan and helps identify any follow-up care interventions.

      If desired, members also receive a weight loss management consultation from SLWHG’s in-house weight management clinician.

      Flexible New Problem Appointment Availability

      Flexible New Problem Appointment Availability

      SLWHG offers FemmeMD members 30-minute new medical problem visits and guarantee same-day appointments during weekdays if patients contact the office by 2:00 PM. Members who contact the office after 2:00 will be guaranteed an appointment by noon the next business day.

      When possible, FemmeMD providers accommodate early morning and early evening appointment requests on weekdays. When needed, FemmeMD providers are able to conduct telemedicine visits with patients during non-clinic hours during weekdays and on weekends.

      Enhanced Provider Communications

      Enhanced Provider Communications

      The FemmeMD program offers patients on-demand direct communication with FemmeMD care team. During office hours, FemmeMD patients have a direct phone line to the FemmeMD care team. During non-office hours, patients are able to contact the FemmeMD care team, on-demand, via phone, text, and virtual telemedicine visits, if necessary.

      Direct Patient-to-Physician Phone Communication

      FemmeMD offers members direct patient-to-physician phone and text communication. Members will have a dedicated phone number that will forward calls to a dedicated priority office line during active office hours and directly to Dr. Muckerman and Dr. Hohn during non-office hours.

      Virtual Telehealth Visits

      SLWHG provides high-quality video telehealth visits for FemmeMD members, when appropriate. Instead of commuting to the SLWHG office for a new problem, follow-up, medical management, lab or test result, or general concern visit, FemmeMD members are able to virtually meet with the FemmeMD care team at home, the office, or anywhere that is convenient for the member.

      Comprehensive Care Coordination

      Comprehensive Care Coordination

      In addition to its core integrative and gynecologic medical care services, FemmeMD offers members an enhanced level of specialist, hospital, and emergency room care coordination.

      For every specialist referral, the FemmeMD care team secures the specialist appointment and forwards all necessary medical records to the specialists’ care team ahead of the appointment date. Additionally, the referring FemmeMD provider personally contacts the referred-to specialist ahead of the member’s appointment to communicate the medical justification for the referral and articulate any patient-specific information that may impact the specialists’ medical evaluation and/or care treatment plans.

      SLWHG recognizes that emergency room visits and hospital admissions can be a traumatic and confusing experience for patients. Comprehending medical diagnoses and making informed decisions regarding treatment plans can be difficult for patients and caregivers, especially when emotions and stress levels are strained. In order to help patients navigate the hospital setting and make informed decisions regarding their inpatient care, FemmeMD providers can act as the member’s healthcare adviser and care-coordination liaison between the member and the hospital-based providers and care teams when a member is admitted a hospital or emergency room.

      Home Visits

      Home Visits

      An established FemmeMD patient may request a home visit if she requires care, is unable to travel to the SLWHG office, is unable to conduct a telemedicine visit with the FemmeMD care team, and lives in St. Louis City or St. Louis County. Home visit requests are evaluated by the FemmeMD Care Team and approval decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Not all FemmeMD providers conduct home visits.

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